Thursday, December 29, 2011

capital 'M'

asalamualaikum. hello everybody. haish like seriously iam not sleepy yet. it that because i have to complete my assigment. it that totally complete nurul ain?? i dont think soo. hahhaa. for mee it too hard to done everything all the assigment. it that cause of the letter 'M' yess that it!!! MALAS. hahahah

it that case. all the book it just for decoration on the bed yohooooo. yeahh!!!. no one is willing to help me complete all these task?.

thinking for somthing magic happend

okay all this annoying pic is just for fun. iam really2 damnn bored right now. it is soo bad when the girl feel that she never having fun for their holidays. and that happend to me right now... stay at home and only hangout at my auntie home. owhh and now i have a new nickname,opss sorry a new ridiculous nickmane. yeahh "gemuk" that my auntie given to me. how could u!!!. yeahh i know it not a glamour name awwwww..

tick tock tick tock
time is running out

bye bye peeps.. goodnight.

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