Wednesday, May 5, 2010


already long i do not update my blog. considerable want me shared with all of you. At my school just now scolded by my teacher because of tetttttttttttt hahah. i can feel my teacher not like me. reasons?? i think maybe because of my attitude.. very serious.Today is important day to very close persons namely nazurah and amirah, nazurah is my cousins and amirah is my best frend. birthday date they same(5/5/1993). Happy besday to both of u yawww!! we are sweet 17 right now!! may life you bleesed by god and getting excellent result in SPM future. I want both of u know that i love both of u as my lovely cousins and frend. hahahah evethought both of u always make me ill extreame heart.

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  1. wah...sume da same 17,selamat menjalani hari tua.ehek