Saturday, May 8, 2010

HAppy mother Day

kenape every year kite mesti celebrate mother day??
because moter is very special human to all of people
  • mom is our place complaining
  • our place pour out
  • our place want to be pampered
  • place where we need love

kalau kita tiada ibu siapa yang akan masakkan makan untuk kite. yes some people having a maid tapi same ke maid kite masak dengan ibu kite masak??? of course lah tak same kalu bibik masak mestilah rasa2 indon tu ade ckit hahaha.sure it unequel will?? mother have borne us paintfully.what i say this not want state me this good its people because iam also not perfect.

To Pn rokiah happy mother day and i will not forget ur sacrifices care me since i u mom

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