Thursday, June 3, 2010

talking about L.O.V.E

i wish to speak on love. with my open nature want to tell my personal oppinion on love. all teenagers have face him including me. Why i want to write this?? because the feeling of love bad to myself. i hate word of love at this point because i have been disappointed before. certainly beutiful if we in love but i sense servere altogether when reach to broken matter love. Perhaps my heartacne feeling wich made i write like this.hahahah i sense very funny. but i fear to fall love more nowdays (certainly also) i do not know what?? i do not happy woman fooled because it involving heart. So up to u all of u weather or not. soooo lets get a partyy yawww

but how if i in love??? (i cant answer this dumb question)

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